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240 Potter Rd
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To Rebuild our Youth Group by carrying out the great commission


Foster a community that nurtures and edifies its members for the glory of His name


The Chicago Mar thoma Church is a reformed Eastern Orthodox Church. It is a predominately Indian church, and is spread throughout north america, Europe, Australia, the middle east and India. The mission of the mar thoma church is "lighted to lighten" where we are called to share the Gospel with others.



In the early seventies, around twenty families were assembling for worship in their own homes. The late former Metropolitan, Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma (Alexander Mar Theophilus Episcopa that time), on his visit to Chicago in May 1973, encouraged the small group of Mar Thomites in Chicagoland to meet for regular worship which then became the Chicago Mar Thoma group.
With the steady influx of Malayalee immigrants, the group registered in March 1977 in the state of Illinois as a not-for-profit organization. The group received assignment of pastoral services for the first time in September 1977; the Mar Thoma Synod approved the group as a congregation in May 1978. As the congregation continued to grow spiritually and in membership, the congregation was elevated to Parish status in Aug 1981. A full time Vicar was assigned in 1983 for the Chicago Mar Thoma Church.
The strong desire to have a place for worship instead of rented buildings resulted in the formation of a church building committee in 1983 and in January 1985 the existing land at 240 Potter Road was purchased. Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan on July 14, 1985 laid the foundation stone for a new Church. In November 1986, Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos dedicated the new church as Chicago Mar Thoma Church. The Church acquired another acre of land in August of 1988 for a parsonage building.
In the history of Chicago Mar Thoma Church, it became a mother parish when Bethel Mar Thoma Church was dedicated in Frankfort, IL. In the year 1995, the parish received another recognition, service of an assistant vicar and the parish purchased a new Parsonage building. The continued growth of the parish was the motivation to buy another piece of land for a second Church in Lombard, IL. In the year 2004, as per the Kalpana of the  Metropolitan, 110 families of the Chicago Mar Thoma Church became members of St Thomas Mar Thoma Church which eventually built the current structure named St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in Lombard, IL thus making Chicago Mar Thoma Church a mother parish for the second time.
Today, the Chicago Mar Thoma Church is the second largest Parish in the North America and Europe diocese.
Praise the Lord for the ways and means he has guided our parish and community.